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Jackson, his mother Sally and Freckles the horse at Lone Pine studjackson-and-horse Jackson West is a 30 year old young man who lives in Canberra, Australia. Jackson has an award-winning business JACKmail. He volunteers at  the library and loves music. He has a profound intellectual disability which affects all aspects of his life. He also has been diagnosed as having autism.

A great way to get to know Jackson, his family and JACKmail is to watch the Sixty Minutes feature on Jackson.

Jackson's life and disability

You can read about Jackson's early life and care on the Jackson's Story page.

Jackson has Phelan McDermid Syndrome complicated by extra chromosomal material. Click through to Jackson's disability to find out more information about these.

Jackson's family

jackson-lewis-and-mum-fairgroundJackson has a loving family.

  • Jackson's mother, Sally Richards, is a family leader,  innovator and disability activist. She used to present  nationally and internationally on building connected, meaningful lives for people with disabilities. Click here to read about her.
  • Jackson is the third of four brothers. Click here to find out about Jackson's brothers Tim (who is hoping to study medicine next year), Duncan (a fireman) and Lewis (an elite circus performer).
  • Jackson's father, Mac West, was a champion orienteer and trampolinist (in his teenage years), fine woodworker, a capella singer and motorbike rider. Mac had bipolar 2 disorder and committed suicide on June 2nd 2009 in the psychiatric ward of Calvary Hospital. Click here to read about Mac and the intertwined stories of disability and mental illness that are central to Jackson's past and future.

Sally, Mac, Tim, Duncan, Lewis and Duncan's girlfriend Shavaya